Over the years I have had the pleasure to collaborate with artist friends who ply their trade in the music industry. Australian based Mark Lucas and Karl Brodie included images we created together on their album front covers. And Davie Paton a fellow Scot from my hometown in Edinburgh, Scotland published my “Paha Sapa Sunset” image on his front cover along with a image of the Beatles on his 2007 solo album titled “Fellow Man.” Davie is famous for being the front man for Pilot and he wrote the bands worldwide hits ‘Magic” and “January.” Davie also worked with Sir Paul McCartney, Kate Bush, Elton John and he was a member of the  Alan Parsons Project for over ten years. Plus numerous other renowned acts in the music industry.

For over nine years I tried to encourage friends with a music background if they would be interested in collaborating on a song about the stories surrounding my “Cheyenne Hole” booklet from 1991. Sadly my request fell on deaf ears until one day while working at Australia Post in Sydney’s Central Business District in early 2000 a young musician and fellow employee named Chris Fisher from the Southern Highlands answered my call to arms and over the next eighteen months we wrote and published a eleven tracks album about my travels across the Great Plains of the United States of America. The album contained songs about the life and times of Lakota-Sioux freedom fighters Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and Southern Cheyenne War Chief Medicine Water. To celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the album in late September 2016 Chris and I plan to record two new songs “Coyote Man” and “Buffalo Medicine Horns.”