When I published my first book in 1984 I did not imagine that the I would eventually travel on seventeen road trips across the United States of America for the next thirty-two years. I also never imagined that I would write five more books and have twenty-eight photographic exhibitions hear in Sydney, Australia and also across thirteen states of the United States of America. As for my music journey in 2000-2001 with a young Chris Fisher that was indeed a real treat to be able to transfer my stories from my extensive travels into musical lyrics for the “Great Plains” album.

When all was done and dusted in late 2013 I set about the task of archiving the film photographic images that had been preserved along with the recent years of digital photography. Listed below in this section of the website is how the collections are archived and also the letters of acknowledgement by interesting people I met along the way who shared my passion for the American West and supported my work over the thirty-two years of travelling the vast open spaces of the Great Plains.


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