Australian Aboriginal Artists 2010-2014.


After travelling thirty-two years across the Great Plains of the United States of America I am constantly asked the question by interested parties do I ever have the opportunity to work with the Aboriginal people of Australia. My reply is always polite and I say that I do try whenever possible to record imagery of the local Aboriginal artists that I meet when I am moving around my home city of Sydney in the state of New South Wales. One area that I have always enjoyed travelling down to is Circular Quay on Sydney Harbour where two groups of Aboriginal artists perform each day of the week for the locals and the tourists that are visiting Sydney. Much like my work with Native American powwow dancers photographic time is extremely short when song and dance breaks arrive each day to punctuate a performance.

I have been fortunate to have made strong friendships with many of the quay artists that include the internationally renowned storytellers Gumaroy Newman and Turtle Tamwoy. Both these artists and storytellers have travelled to over thirty countries worldwide spreading the history and customs of their peoples culture. Gumaroy has worked with His Holiness The Dalai Lama, and renowned artists such as Steve Tyler from Aerosmith, John Williamson, celebrity producer/singer Pit Bull, Doug Parkinson, and U.S. producers/singers Naughty By Nature. Turtle Tamwoy performed at the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay event in Canberra in the ACT in 2008. And a Discovery TV Documentary by Atlas Australia, featuring Turtle was released in 170 countries and narrated by Russell Crowe.

Uncle Max Eulo who also performs regularly at the quay has strong connections to the Sisters of Charity who are based along the eastern seaboard. In 2007 I introduced Uncle Max to my good friend and fellow Scotsman musician Davie Paton at the 120th anniversary of St. Vincent’s Hospital held at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney. This chance meeting resulted in the creative elements of Davie’s new album “Fellow Man” getting its title and the album booklet had a published image of Davie and Uncle Max with both men together and smiling for the camera.

Over the last five years I have managed to photograph and create some fine images with Gumaroy, Turtle, Uncle Max, Reuben Doolah, Greg Walford, Arthur Walford, Dave Barnet, Terry Coombes, Stedman Sailor, Denzel Chapman, Marty Waites, Derek Powder, Shane McKeon, Les Daniels, George Murray-Wa, Russell Dawson and Cedric Roma.  It was indeed a pleasure to quickly stop in time and focus on what is real and honest in our extremely fast paced society and help with my own creative area of storytelling by recording imagery of the Aboriginal Artists from Circular Quay.













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