• Margaret Thatcher’s Exodus.

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    The other night I was relaxing watching a DCI Banks BBC television drama series on the Australian ABC Channel. During one scene the elderly father was informing his grown son of what times had been like when the Margaret Thatcher Conservative Government wielded the axe to over two million working class people across the entire
  • Cycle Speedway, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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    While starting work on the “About” navigation section of the website I came across a couple of images from the cycle speedway days as a young teenager. If I remember correctly I participated in this dangerous sport for three years from the age of twelve up to the age of fifteen. I played for three
  • The Journey Began With Trek America.

    In Edinburgh, Scotland,Great Plains, USA
    I had a interesting contact from a Trek America representative when the site went live the other week. They are celebrating forty years in the travel business this year. I will always have fond memories of the 1981 southwest trek from New York to Los Angeles. If I remember correctly the trek driver was named