• Roadside Navajo Weaver.

    In Photography Navajo , Weaver
    The first image that I shot of a Navajo weaver in Arizona way back in September, 1981 while travelling with the Trek America twelve person group from New York down through Virginia across to the southwest and then on to Los Angeles, California. Seems like yesterday! And I found my mission moving forward when around a
  • Crazy Horse Memorial.

    In Crazy Horse Memorial Crazy Horse
    The trip out onto the Great Plains for year thirty was special for many reasons. It allowed me the opportunity to visit many of the major sites that were documented in the books, photographic exhibitions and finally the musical album over the last three decades. From my first visit way back in September/October, 1982, the Crazy Horse
  • Mike Ponyah’s Badlands.

    In Photography Mike Ponyah
    While driving back from the 4th of July, 2011 weekend Rosebud Casino Powwow Mike, Emily and the kids stopped for a quick look over the amazing scenery at the Badlands National Park in western South Dakota. “A penny for your thoughts Mike.”
  • Percy War Cloud Edwards.

    In Photography Percy War Cloud Edwards , Powwow
    It was a pity that the weekend weather for the 2011 Plains Indian Museum Powwow at Cody, Wyoming was wet and overcast on the Sunday. We just managed to see out Saturday but Sunday was a total wash-out. Luckily I managed to shoot some interesting compact digital images on the Saturday of Percy War Cloud