• Soulful Memories of a Lakota Friend.

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    Pictured below is the first page of Jack Little’s life story that was mailed to my unit in Oberon Street, Coogee in late June, 1984. I will never forget opening the brown envelope and carefully taking out the thirty-three page 10,000 word document. Today as I prepare to install the Native America: Dinetah to the
  • Exhibition at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

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    The Native America: Dinétah to the Greasy Grass 2008-2013 digital photographic exhibition to be held at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia as part of their “Healing Arts Program” in January/February, 2014 will include three images from the Great Plains Road Trip of 2008. Seven images from the Great Plains Road Trip of
  • Lakota Spirit Booklet Now Online.

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    First we had the 7,500 hardcopy books Light (1984) and Lakota Spirit (1992) that I published of Jack Little’s 10,000 word life story. Then fifty percent of the Lakota Spirit booklet text formed quotations that travelled for three years across thirteen states of the United States of America with the Powwow: Native American Celebration photographic
  • Trek America, 1981

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    After the Margaret Thatcher people exodus of 1981 I decided that it was now the time to return back to Sydney, Australia. This time I would not return back to Edinburgh, Scotland. While travelling from New York City through the southwest to Los Angeles I picked up two publications, Black Elk Speaks and Lame Deer: