• Coyote Man & Buffalo Medicine Horns in 2016.

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    After Chris and I completed our promotional photographic shoot with artist Jen Gifford in late January we had the opportunity to chat about the two news songs that will be released to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the “Great Plains” album later this year. The lyrics written for “Coyote Man” will speak to the listener about
  • Margaret Thatcher’s Exodus.

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    The other night I was relaxing watching a DCI Banks BBC television drama series on the Australian ABC Channel. During one scene the elderly father was informing his grown son of what times had been like when the Margaret Thatcher Conservative Government wielded the axe to over two million working class people across the entire
  • Australian Aboriginal Artists 2010-2014.

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    After travelling thirty-two years across the Great Plains of the United States of America I am constantly asked the question by interested parties do I ever have the opportunity to work with the Aboriginal people of Australia. My reply is always polite and I say that I do try whenever possible to record imagery of
  • Turtle Tamwoy Song and Dance Man.

    While visiting with good friend and brother artist friend Gumaroy Newman the other day I was introduced to Turtle Tamwoy. I hung around Circular Quay and after Turtle had finished his daily performance we quickly agreed to try and capture a handful of images that we could both share with our family and friends. Turtle